On the fifth anniversary of the death of their friend Billy, six friends are forced back together by his ghost. Billy's death was officially considered an accident but old suspicions and conflicts return. When people start dying they all must ask themselves if it's his ghost, one of them, or because they returned to The Creek?
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Annubis Productions presents "The Creek" Starring Kathryn Merry
Brian Jesiolowski Nancy Soulliard Dave Foster Erik Soulliard
Tim Jesiolowski Melissa Rhoads Makeup Effects Sandy Andrle
Score Composed & Arranged by Andrew C. Strauss & Tim Jesiolowski
Original Music by Poorbox Director of Photography Jason Contino
Written, Directed & Edited by Erik Soulliard

Press Quotes
"Soulliard's debut offers a strong sense of spooks, frights, and tension laced from the start to finish." —
 "The Creek is a competent ghost movie with solid acting, a great score and excellent direction." —
 "This film was cool to watch…"
 "…this by no means looks like an indie film but more like a bigger budgeted direct to DVD release." Gore Hounds Unite
 "This is one film everyone needs to check out..."
 "The Creek" is a testament to filmmaking guerilla style. In a world oversaturated with homemade YouTube films and Internet "filmmakers" it is refreshing to see a true independent feature film make it to the big screen."
 "Erik Soulliard's film is a constantly changing bit of horror that I was fascinated from the beginning."
 "With very impressive production values and a strong story, The Creek is genuinely gripping from start to finish."
 "It speaks like a Kevin Smith film and doesn't let a word down."
 "The Creek is a low budget indie film that looks like a major release."
Horror Reviews
 "THE CREEK is what low budget horror is all about: heart and drive. If you like films like SLAUGHTER HIGH, then you will enjoy this one. I recommend it."
"The Creek is a highly entertaining Independent horror film that will please any fan of the genre." —
"As a fan of Horror Movies and as a supporter of Indie Horror I can't help but recommend this movie. It's entertaining and scary at times. What more do you want?"
The Horror Explorer
"Every once in a while I'll come across an indie horror that relys on story, "The Creek" is one of those films. It's definitely a horror, as it's filled with tense moments, there's a fair share of gore and there's a menacing ghost, but what drew me into the film was its really well done story.
"Director Erik Soulliard, doesn't let his budget hinder his vision, but instead, he shoots around it, utilizing what benefits, what he has to work with best."  
 "We don't normally see this type of production value in low budget horror and it comes as a more than pleasant surprise" Horror Yearbook
"The Creek is actually much, much better than the great bulk of micro-budget films." Dread Central
"The cast is solid and character development realistic, the plot keeps you guessing and sustains a high level of suspense and tension." Synergy Magazine
"The Creek is in many ways what Independent film is really all about."
"This may be one of the best movies filmed in someone's backyard to come out in quite some time."
"The Creek is far from a major motion picture, yet manages to stand out from the larger budget direct to video trash that lines our video stores." —
"All of the actors inhabit their characters well, giving them life and personality usually absent from these sorts of movies."
"As far as low-budget indie horror 101 goes, “The Creek” gets a solid passing grade."
"Once you've seen the whole thing, it'll deserve a second viewing."
"Thanks to its many unusual plot-ideas, it turns out to be quite a refreshing and totally watchable horror flick, lifted well above its ultra low budget roots thanks to a competent directorial and technical effort and an interesting cast. "

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