*October 19th 2011
Erik Soulliard will be appearing at Jason's Woods every Friday and Saturday night for the rest of October. Erik will be handing out free autographed Creek mini posters, selling DVD's and answering any questions you might have about The Creek and 12 Bells.

Click here for all the info: www.jasonswoods.com.

*October 6th 2011
The Creek will be showing at the Ware Center in downtown Lancaster on monday October 31st starting at 7:30pm! We will be showing in the Ware Center's brand new 361 seat theater and played on their state of the art digital projection and sound system. Before the show there will be a short Q&A with writer/director Erik Soulliard and any of the cast and crew who are able to attend. After the show Erik will be handing out free Creek 8.5x14 posters, selling DVD's and answering any questions you might have about The Creek and 12 Bells.

Everyone is encouraged to come in their favorite costume and enjoy a fun show and have a great time!

Click here for all the info on The Ware Center.

*October 5th 2011
Come out and see Erik Soulliard at Jason's Woods this Friday and Saturday October 7th & 8th. Erik will be handing out free Creek 11x17 and 8.5x14 posters, selling DVD's and answering any questions you might have about The Creek and 12 Bells.

Click here for all the info: www.jasonswoods.com.

*August 16th 2009
The Horror Press reviews The Creek. Be sure to give it a read. They do a nice small article on the film. They also have a brief news story on our next film 12 Bells.

Click here: www.thehorrorpress.com/2009/08/indie-film-review-creek-2007.html.

Become a fan of The Creek on Facebook: Click Here.

Be sure to put The Creek in your Netflix and Blockbuster online queues!


*July 2nd 2009
The Horror Enthusiast is having a contest to giveaway The Creek DVDs. Be sure to check out their site and enter for your chance to win a copy!

Go here to enter, www.thehorrorenthusiast.com/2009/07/win-creek-on-dvd.html.

*June 22nd 2009
J-Rock and Patty at Rock Solid Pressure are airing a radio interview with Erik Soulliard on their nationally syndicated show! You can hear it tonight at 9pm on the following stations or catch it on the net at www.purerockradio.net.

Pure Rock Radio (Canada) | WRBC 91.5 FM (ME) | The Rocket 104.7 FM (OK)
METAL X RADIO | Rock Nation Radio (VA & Australia)
WDYN 100.1 FM (NY) | KWTF The Edge (TX)

Be sure to join them on myspace at www.myspace.com/jrockandpatty

*June 21st 2009
Searchmytrash.com says that, "Thanks to its many unusual plot-ideas, it turns out to be quite a refreshing and totally watchable horror flick, lifted well above its ultra low budget roots thanks to a competent directorial and technical effort and an interesting cast." You can read the full article here, www.searchmytrash.com/movies/creek(2007).shtml

You can also read an interview with Erik Soulliard by going here, www.searchmytrash.com/articles/eriksoulliard(6-09).shtml

*May 26th 2009
Here's what Obscure Horror has to say about The Creek, "I can say once you’ve seen the whole thing, it’ll deserve a second viewing." You can read the full article here, www.obscurehorror.com/thecreek.html

You can also read some great interviews with Jim, Dave, Tim and more by going here, www.obscurehorror.com/interviews.html

*April 2nd 2009
If you live in Lancaster, Pa you can get a copy of The Creek at the SUNCOAST in the Park City Center.

If you live in Lebanon and haven't gotten your copy of The Creek you can pick it up in store at Extremities Entertainment at 1001 East Cumberland St., Lebanon, PA

*February 18th 2009
David Greenberg of www.indietalk.com reviews The Creek and says, "As far as low-budget indie horror 101 goes, “The Creek” gets a solid passing grade."

Click here to read the Indie Talk review.

*February 17nd 2009
Barbara Barr of WGAL TV 8 did a great story on The Creek and our upcoming project 12 Bells. The story aired Monday February 16th and Tuesday morning February 17th. Click here to watch the clip from the WGAL website.

*February 2nd 2009
GASP Magazine has an article on The Creek in this months issue. Be sure to pick up a copy from their website at www.gaspmagazine.net You can order a print copy or buy a downloadable PDF. The print version looks amazing with terrific art and great articles.

*January 30th 2008
This is Some Scene gives The Creek some front page web coverage. Be sure to check them out at www.thisissomescene.com and catch up on all their coverage of the film.

*January 23rd 2008
The Clifton Journal ran a terrfic story in the arts & Entertainment section of the paper today. They mention our production company Annubis Productions, The Creek's release to DVD and our next project 12 Bells. Be sure to check out the Clifton Journal's coverage of the film!

Read the article "Success measured by terrified screamers" here.

Be sure to join us on myspace at www.myspace.com/annubisproductions

*December 29th 2008
Today the Lebanon Daily News ran a great front page story on The Creek DVD release and our next film 12 Bells.

Read the article "Filmmaker plans to shoot second movie in county" here.

*December 28th 2008
We just posted new artwork for our next film 12 Bells. We plan on going into production on this project in 2009. Be sure you check out the poster and the rough website!

*December 26th 2008
The Horror Enthusiast ranks The Creek as the 2nd best DVD of 2008. You can hear the audio broadcast of their top 10 films by Clicking Here and downloading it from Megaupload.

*November 26th 2008
The Creek sells out at Blockbuster Online and Best Buy! Thanks to everyone for supporting the film!

*November 4th 2008
Dark Road Ratings has just posted a nice little review for The Creek saying that, "The Creek is far from a major motion picture, yet manages to stand out from the larger budget direct to video trash that lines our video stores."

Click here to go directly to the article.

The Horror Enthusiast did a great audio review for The Creek. Click here to go to Megaupload and download their review.

*October 30th 2008
www.HorrorNews.net  writes a great review for The Creek saying that, "Drag this movie out of The Creek, wipe off the maggots and rotting flesh and ENJOY!"

To read the full review just head to www.HorrorNews.net, go to their film reviews and click on The Creek! 

*October 29th 2008
Mike Furches 
compares and contrasts The Creek to bigger budget horror. He has some great observations and also does a great interview with Director Erik Soulliard. Be sure to check out the story on his Blog at: http://mikefurchesreviews.blogspot.com
*October 28th 2008
This is Some Scene did another great blog talk radio show with the cast & crew of the The Creek on Monday night at 9:30. Don't worry if you missed it. You can catch the whole interview archived on their site here: www.blogtalkradio.com/ThisIsSomeScene/2008/10/28/TBA
*October 27th 2008
The Lancaster Intelligencer has a great article on the The Creek in the Monday, October 27th edition of the paper. If you missed it you can read the whole article titled, "A special Halloween treat. Locally made film coming to DVD" online
here: http://articles.lancasteronline.com/local/4/229321
*October 16th 2008

If you have Blockbuster or Netflix please put The Creek in your rental queue. If you're looking to purchase The Creek you can find it at Indie-Pictures, Best Buy, Circuit City, Barnes & Noble, Tower Video, Turner Classic Movies and most anywhere else DVD's are sold.
October 15th 2008
Pop Video in Pine Grove, Pa will be holding a meet & greet with select members of the cast & crew of The Creek on Friday, October 31st between 6pm-9pm. Be sure to stop out and show your support for independent film!

Pop Video
27 Tremont Rd
Pine Grove, PA 17963
(570) 345-0343
October 12th 2008
The Creek cast and crew will be doing two new radio interviews over the next couple of weeks. All the info is listed below. Be sure to check them out!

Dr.Chris's Radio of Horror will be interviewing Director Erik Soulliard on 91.3 WCUW in Worcester, MA. The interview starts Sunday October 26th at Midnight going until 2am Monday morning. If you're an insomniac in range of 91.3 WCUW be sure to check us out.

We are very excited to announce that the cast and crew from The Creek will be returning to This is Some Scene radio to talk to our friends in Guerilladelphia on Monday October 27th at 9:30pm! We had a great interview last time and we're sure there'll be something for everyone on this one as well. Be sure to check out their site and all the info on their upcoming Halloween Party!

*October 9th 2008
Synergy Magazine says, " The cast is solid and character development realistic, the plot keeps you guessing and sustains a high level of suspense and tension."

Read Synergy Magazine's full article here:

Dread Central says, "The Creek is actually much, much better than the great bulk of micro-budget films."

Read Dread Central's full article here:

Horror Yearbook  says, "We don't normally see this type of production value in low budget horror and it comes as a more than pleasant surprise"

Read Horror Yearbook's full article here:

*September 22nd 2008
Terror Hook says, "Director Erik Soulliard, doesn't let his budget hinder his vision, but instead, he shoots around it, utilizing what benefits, what he has to work with best.

Be sure to check out their site at www.terrorhook.com

Click here to read Terror Hook's full article

*September 21st 2008
Horror Movie Fans  interviewed cast and crew from The Creek on Sunday, September 21st. If you missed it be sure to listen to the interview here:


*September 18th 2008
The Creek gets a mention in the September 15th issue of VB Magazine (www.videobusiness.com) Be sure to check out the two pages we are mentioned on by opening the pop-ups below.

Click here for the Ryko Scary Movie Ad
Click here for the "Ryko Distributes Frightful Films" Article

*September 17th 2008
Horror Movie Fans  will be interviewing the cast and crew from The Creek on Sunday, September 21st at 8:45pm. You can listen to their blog talk radio channel at www.blogtalkradio.com/HMFRadio 
*September 16th 2008
Dead Harvey says, "Every once in a while I'll come across an indie horror that relys on story, "The Creek" is one of those films. It's definitely a horror, as it's filled with tense moments, there's a fair share of gore and there's a menacing ghost, but what drew me into the film was its really well done story.

Dead Harvey also has a lengthy interview with Erik Soulliard. Be sure to check out the site at www.deadharvey.com

Jump right to The Creek article by clicking here:

*September 15th 2008
The Creek has been selected to screen at the Ava Gardner Film Festival on Thursday, September 25th at 5:45. If you live in or around Smithfield, North Carolina be sure to check it out. Find out all the details at:


*September 1st 2008
Scared Stiff Reviews says, "THE CREEK is what low budget horror is all about: heart and drive. If you like films like SLAUGHTER HIGH, then you will enjoy this one. I recommend it.

Be sure to check out their site at www.scaredstiffreviews.com

Click here to read Scared Stiff Reviews' full article

*August 31th 2008
The Creek has been listed on all major DVD retailers' websites for pre-sale. Of course you can go to our distributor www.indie-pictures.com to purchase as well.
Horror Movie Fans will be interviewing the cast and crew from The Creek on Saturday, September 20th at 6:45pm. You can listen to their blog talk radio channel at www.blogtalkradio.com/HMFRadio

*August 16th 2008
Video Views says, "The Creek is a highly entertaining Independent horror film that will please any fan of the genre

Click here to read Video Views article

The Horror Explorer says, "As a fan of Horror Movies and as a supporter of Indie Horror I can't help but recommend this movie. It's entertaining and scary at times. What more do you want?

Click here for the Horror Explorer article.

*July 22th 2008

Indie Pictures will be releasing The Creek to all major DVD outlets. Be sure to check out their site at www.indie-pictures.com. They will be posting information about the release soon.
*May 27th 2008
This is Some Scene interviews the cast & crew of The Creek this Monday, June 30th at 9:30pm on BlogTalk Radio show.


We'll be talking about tons of things you never thought you'd want to know about indepent film and The Creek so be sure to catch it

This is Some Scene is a great site for all your independent movie news so be sure to check it out ahead of time at www.thisissomescene.com
*May 18th 2008
The Creek has been selected to screen at
The Milwaukee County Massacre Horror Movie Conventin and Music Festival. The killing begins June 7th through the 8th. The full schedule isn't posted yet but keep an eye on the site for more info. If you're in the area be sure to check it out!

*May 7th 2008
YouTube viral marketing campaign for The Creek reaches over 5000 views in a month! Check out all of our "Real Ghost" videos on YouTube by clicking here. Feel free to copy the code and pass them along to your friends! Be sure to check back because we will be posting new "Real Ghost" ads soon.
*March 20th 2008
The Creek site has a whole new look! Now that festivals have calmed down we finally got the time to give the site some attention. We hope you enjoy the new look!
*February 28th 2008
Film Arcade (www.filmarcade.net) writes that, "The Creek speaks like a Kevin Smith film and doesn’t let a word down." They also have some criticism but lets focus on the good stuff!
Read the review here!
*February 22nd 2008
Movie Buffs (www.moviebuffs.com) gives The Creek 3 out of 4 stars saying that, "Erik and Tim have a bright future in their respective industries." Wait until they see 12 Bells (www.12bellsmovie.com). I’m sure we won’t let them down.
Read Movie Buffs Full Review
*November 6th 2007
Fatally Yours reviews The Creek and says that, "The Creek is a solid effort for a low-budget film. It has higher production values and better acting than most low-budget horror films..." Be sure to check out their site (www.fatally-yours.com) and read the full review.

(Fatally Yours' review of The Creek)
*October 6th 2007
Members of The Creek's cast and crew will be interviewed live on the blogtalkradio show
The Independent Corner this Sunday October 7th at 11pm. To listen to the show or even call in and ask some questions go to www.blogtalkradio.com/JonathanMoody. If 11pm is too late you can always check out the archived show at your convenience.

*October 2nd 2007
Full Moon Film Festival has selected The Creek for it's 2007 festival. The fest runs October 26th-28th. The screening times haven't been announced yet but you can check out all the information on their site at www.fullmoonconvention.com

*September 28th 2007
The Lancaster Intelligencer does a follow-up story on The Creek. Read the article, which ran in the Happenings section, online here:
Success is starting to flow for 'Creek' creators.
*September 21st 2007
We are extremely excited to announce that the Illinois International Film Festival has chosen The Creek as the Best Horror Feature of this year's festival. We'd like to thank the IIFF for selecting The Creek and for a great festival this year!

*September 20th 2007
Gore Zone reviews The Creek and and says that, "This may be one of the best movies filmed in someone's backyard to come out in quite some time.." Be sure to check their site (www.gorezone.net) and read the review for The Creek.

Read Gore Zone's Review of The Creek by clicking here!

*September 7th 2007
The Atlanta Horror Fest has selected The Creek for it's 2007 festival. The fest runs October 4th-7th. The screening times haven't been announced yet but you can check out all the information on their site at www.atlantahorrorfest.com
*September 3rd 2007
The Creek is an Official Selection of the Spooky Movie Film Festival in Fairfax Va. The festival runs October 12th-14th. The Creek plays Sunday, October 14th during the 12:30pm block. Be sure to get all the latest info on the festival at www.thespookymovie.com
*September 2nd 2007
Cinema Crazed reviews The Creek. You can see what they have to say here: www.cinema-crazed.com/creek.htm
*August 31st 2007
DVD Resurrections reviews The Creek and gives it "Both Thumbs Up!" Be sure to check their site (www.dvdresurrections.com) and read the review for The Creek along with other great reviews of current and old school movies!
Read DVD Resurrections' Review of The Creek Here!
*August 30th 2007
Horror Reviews checks out The Creek and gives it a short but sweet review. Be sure to check them out on myspace (www.myspace.com/horror_reviews) and read their review of The Creek! Horror Review's article on The Creek
*August 17th 2007
Pulp Movies gives The Creek four stars! Be sure to check their site (www.pulpmoviereviews.com) for tons of other movie reviews after you read what they have to say about The Creek! Pulp Movies Review of The Creek
*August 16th 2007
The Creek is an Official Selection of the Wildwood By The Sea Film Festival. The Creek plays Saturday, September 29th at 11am in the Strand Theater. There will be a large number of events and films showing so be sure to check out their site for all the details. www.wildwoodbytheseafilmfest.com.
*August 11th 2007
Gorehounds Unite reviews The Creek. Gorehounds gives a very thorough once over of the film. Check out their review here. Gorehound Review of The Creek
*August 10th 2007
The Creek is an Official Selection of the Illinois International Film Festival. You can check out their website and all the details at www.illinoisinternationalfilmfestival.com. The festival runs September 14th through the 16th at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles, Illinois.
*May 22nd 2007
Annubis Productions would like to thank everyone who came out for the encore showing of The Creek at the Pioneer Theater in New York City. Keep an eye on this page for updates on festivals and distribution.
*May 18th 2007
New Downloads page. You can download wallpaper for your computer and ringtones for your cell phones! Get all the free Creek downloads here.
*May 1st 2007
The Creek premiered to a sold out show at the Pioneer Theater last night. We had a great crowd and the entire cast in attendance! Thanks to everyone who came out to the show!
*April 20th 2007
Thanks to a great response The Creek is getting an Encore Showing at the Pioneer Theater on May 21st at 7pm! Check out our home page for more info or go to the Pioneer website here: www.twoboots.com/pioneer/
*April 19th 2007
Horror Society has just posted a review about The Creek. Go to www.horrorsociety.com or Click here to go directly to the article.
*April 7th 2007
FANGORIA has a news article referencing The Creek's premiere at the Pioneer Theater! It's just a small mention but hey, it's FANGORIA so we're excited!

Click here to read the article.

*March 21st 2007
We just received a review from This is Some Scene. They came from Philly to check out the Lebanon Premiere of The Creek. You can read the review here: www.thisissomescene.com
*March 20th 2007
We have added a ton of new pictures to the pics page. Go check them out and see behind the scenes shots and stills taken directly from The Creek.
*March 11th 2007
The Creek has a New York City premiere date! We will be playing at the
Pioneer Theater on Monday April 30th at 7pm. There are only 99 seats available so please pre-purchase tickets here: Advanced Tickets
*March 10th 2007
The Lancaster Intelligencer covers the night of the premiere. See what they had to say: Annville awash in 'The Creek
*March 8th 2007
The Patriot News writes up an article on the creek. Click Here to read their article "GHOSTLY REUNION" .
*March 6th 2007
Go here to check a very generous article the Lebanon Daily News ran about the premiere: Lebanon Native Premieres 'the Creek'
*March 5th 2007
Check out an article on The Creek PA premiere from the Lancaster Intelligencer here: MU grad's 'The Creek' ready to flow

*February 14th 2007
The Creek premieres at The Allen Theatre on Thursday March 8th at 6pm!

Ticket price: by donation

Allen Theatre
36 E. Main St. Rt. 422 (Exit 85A, I-81)
Annville, Pennsylvania 17003

*January 30th 2007
The Creek is out of post production and will be sent out to festivals as of February 1st. Keep an eye on the site for updates on the upcoming New York and Pennsylvania premieres. Oh, and the poster is done too so be sure to check that out right here...
The Creek Poster
*December 4th 2006
The Creek is in the final stages of post production. We have a locked cut and are finishing ADR. Over the next weeks we will be color correcting and finishing the score. We are currently looking for original music. If you are interested in having your music in The Creek contact Annubis productions at: info@annubisproductions.com
*August 8th 2006
We now have a presence on myspace! Check out our site and our alternate trailer at www.myspace.com/annubisproductions - And, don't forget to see our teaser trailer posted here! Plus we have even more pictures to see.
*July 23rd 2006
Pictures have been posted so check out the Pics page and see what's there. The trailer is cut and ready to go except for the score. We should have it up in the next two weeks so stop back and check it!
*June 5th 2006
We have completed principal photography. Everyone did a great job and we have some amazing footage. We will be changing the name soon due to a Canadian movie that just came out with this title. But no fears, this address will be forwarded over once the change is made. THANKS AGAIN to everyone involved in the film!
*April 25th 2006
We have our full crew and completed Test Shooting on Saturday, April 15th. Principal photography will begin in a matter of days! Check back for updates on shooting, behind the scenes pictures and more.

*April 8th 2006
Annubis Productions is looking for one more Production Assistant from the surrounding Lebanon area. This position is unpaid but the PA's will be involved in all aspects of the production process. If you are interested please email Erik at: info@annubisproductions.com

*February 20th 2006
We are happy to announce that Melissa Rhoads has been cast to play Emily. You can check out her bio and headshot on the Cast page.

Pre-Production is in full swing and everyone is looking forward to start shooting the end of April. We are still looking for a Script Supervisor, two more PA's and a Lighting Assistant. If interested please email info@annubisproductions.com with your resume and information.

*February 6th 2006
Annubis Productions would like to thank everyone who auditioned this Saturday, February 4th. We had a great turn out with some terrific reads. We will be reviewing the audition tapes and making a decision shortly thereafter.
copyright Annubis Productions, LLC 2007